Monday, January 15, 2024

Personal pronouns

 Oh, my, third week and I am STILL interested in languages! 

I was thinking about the cases and prepositions. I often say "We don't have articles and prepositions in Finnish". It's not precisely true, but for all practical purposes, it is. The thing is that cases and prepositions are quite close to each other in function, so you could break down the cases to make them into prepositions, and glue the prepositions together to make them into cases, whichever is closer to your mother tongue functions.

So, let's go through the Turkish week with a couple of others, for comparison

I'm not going to post my studies here, because I find it bothersome to insert tables in Blogger. Sorry about that. But if you are interested, you can easily do what I did and do some googling ;-)

Anyway, there is so much more to such simple thing as personal pronouns :-D You'll see if you look into it.

The languages I used were Turkish, Finnish, Hungarian, English, French, Spanish, Italian, Romanian and Portuguese.

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