Thursday, April 25, 2013

One just have to love Google Translate :-D

"that even the teachers were still surprised that Roberto had become a Christian and be awake during lessons after a break of noon!"

"illi anki l-għalliema kienu baqgħu sorpriżi li Kristjan u Roberto kienu saru jkunu mqajmin waqt il-lezzjonijiet ta' wara l-brejk ta' nofsinhar!"

All the wondrous things becoming a Christian causes... :-D

I like Maltese very much. It's fascinating how it has taken influence from both South and North, and also English. There was for a long time no national television on Malta, they watched the Italian tv shows.


Malta is a tiny island in the Mediterranean sea, about half way from Africa to Europe. There were people living there before the Phoenicians came, but the population of Malta is today more Phoenician than for example the population of Syria. Now, I haven't checked this, but I believe their language is closest to the ancient Phoenician among the modern languages. So - Lebanese Phoenicians could learn Maltese and slowly make it Phoenician with removing the Italian and English influences, and adding some Hebrew and Syriac. In some 100 years or so, no-one would know.

Anyway, Malta is a very beautiful place, typically Mediterranean, and it has a long history.

This is a photo of Malta during winter...

And this is Naxxar, the town where the Il-Fiddien adventure takes place

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