Thursday, January 7, 2016

Time flies...

I made a New Year's Resolution... I'll cut my language studies to about 15 minutes per language per day.
Trying to avoid full immersion, and let it take time, so that I won't get distracted by another interest of mine... I find it really hard not to dive straight in and engage 100%.
That's not bad, it's just that I go in 100% for EVERYTHING I do.
Which means that when I am into exercising, I exercise several hours a day and brush up the form and technique and all that. Which means that I have no time for anything else.
When I'm into reading, I read 16/7 and the only time I don't read is when I'm sleeping. I read when I brush my teeth, I read when I eat, I read when I take my daily promenade.
When I'm into art, I paint 16/7. When I'm into crafts, I craft 16/7. And so on.
So - now I'm trying to engage myself to ALL my interests, 100% BUT only 15-60 minutes a day.

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