Saturday, April 23, 2016

Free Resources To Get You Learning, Reading, Writing and Speaking French

Learn French by Podcast
Learn French with Alexa
Rocket French
Français Authentique
Easy French Poetry
One Thing in a French Day
Cultivate Your French  
Learn French with Daily Lessons
News in Slow French
Le journal en français facile
Daily French Pod (website)
French (website)
Learn French by Podcast (iwebsite)
Je (website)
One Minute French ( website)
Learn Out Loud: Survival Phrases (website)
French Pod 101 ( website)

the catalogs of the “Language learning” section within the Podcast section of the iTunes store

2.) Radiolingua Network — Coffee Break French

3.) 4.)   Livres Audio Gratuit


5.) News in Slow French

6.)   iTtunes Bonus Tip:

enter the itunes store, and scroll down, all the way until you see 4 categories titled “explore,” “features,” “Help,” and “manage.”
Below the category that says “manage,” click on the link “change country.”
we want to find more French podcasts, so try changing your country to France or some other country with French as official language.

7.) and the forums;

8.)  Google Translator
9.) —  “the coolest dictionary known to Hombre”

10.)  Anki SRS Virtual Flashcards

11.) Facebook Language options – Change your facebook to French
12.)  Wikipedia en francaise

Also, it’s very good for subject specific vocabulary.  Just check out the wiktionnaire


Wikipedia entry on French Grammar

12.) The Wikibooks and Wikiversity French Courses.

13.) Foreign Service Institute Free Language Courses

14.) The Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center

15.) BBC Languages guide to French

16.) Six newspapers in French

17.) TV5 Monde

18.) National Geographic en francaise

19.) Lyrics Training

20) xkcd  webcomics

21) 14 French Worksheets Websites Worth Getting Worked Up Over

22.) – “All the words in the world. Pronounced”

23.) The Open University – french Podcasts and Free language course

24.) Enhancing French Skills

25.) Francais interactif
26.) The Internet Polyglot: french Lesson Catalog
27.) The Omniglot Forum

32.) – A free educational website for language exchanges via Skype

33.) Verbling Global Language Exchange Communities

34.) Memrise – Online Community Language Learning

35.) The Genius App — Spaced Repetition Memorization by

36.) Duolingo — “Free Language Education for the World”

37.) Quizlet Online Language Learning and Virtual Flashcards

38.)’s French Language Learning Resources

39.) Conjuguemos

40.)  Pictolang

37.) – I Learned to Speak Four Languages in a Few Years Article.

38.) French proverbs

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