Thursday, July 14, 2016

Language Super Challenge?

"I signed up for an extensive reading & listening challenge. This involved 10,000 pages of reading and 150 hours of films/TV in 20 months."
- emk1024

What? Huh? Challenge? YES! I LOVE CHALLENGES!!!
What is it? How? TELL ME MORE!!!

Nope. That's it. So... tallyho! On with the hunt! Allons-y!

"extensive reading & listening challenge""10,000 pages of reading" "150 hours of films/TV" "in 20 months" didn't give anything.
"10,000 pages of reading" "in 20 months" gave this;

"Many people have had great impacts on their languages by doing the Super Challenge. The first challenge involved reading about 10000 pages of books and watching about 10000 minutes of movies. The second challenge reduced the number of pages, probably to make the "strain" even between movies and books, at my rate of reading Spanish 10000 pages would take 20000 minutes... I may have some of this wrong; please forgive me. Some people who reported the big improvement suggested their biggest burst in comprehension came around 7000 pages, and that the 5000 pages of the second challenge might not be enough to have the impact people were hoping for.

Anyway 10000 pages in 20 months is 500 pages a month, or very roughly, about 20 pages a day.
5000 pages is about 10 pages a day over 20 months.
10000 minutes of watching is about 20 minutes a day.

The output challenge includes 100 hours of (recorded) speech over 10 months, or about 20 minutes a day, if I do my arithmetic right."
- sfuqua
Language Super Challenge took me here: a language learners' forum; The Super Challenge rules and registration 2016-2017 

Oh no! I'm 1 1/2 months late!!!

Uh, who cares. I'll join anyway!

Language Super Challenge Twitter Bot 

P.S. "When you are at the bottom of the curve, recall what got you excited about learning your language in the first place. Then take one small and fun action/activity that will fuel your reason for learning."

What got me excited about learning French?

- Alexandre Dumas père
- Jules Verne

You remember that feeling... you have started to study a language. You have a couple of hours of study behind you, you feel like nothing is sticking, you are never going to learn this language, you must be doing something wrong... and then, totally unrelated to your studies, unexpectedly, you happen to see a word written in the foreign alphabet... and you can read it. Not only that, YOU UNDERSTAND WHAT IT SAYS! Or you hear a word, a phrase, a bit of a conversation, AND YOU UNDERSTAND IT. That amazing click... it's almost like there was a piece blocking the flow and it moved, clicked to its place, and the vessel gets filled with the liquid of understanding a language

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