Saturday, August 13, 2016

Wolof day 3

Ok... this is where it gets difficult... you see, it's day 3, so I should be writing in next 100 words on flashcards. But do I have next 100 words? That will be getting more and more difficult every day...

But, today's "job" is to find a short text. Here's Wikipedia in Wolof

Translate it. Find every word in the text, make flashcards of the words, learn them. Understand the constructions, idioms etc. Understand the text.

Copy the text on a piece of paper. Leave plenty of space between sentences and wide margins. Use black permanent pen

Parse the text. Use different colored pens to mark the subject and predikate (verb), draw arrows to show the dependence and relations, circle the pre- and postpositions (case endings) and other such things.

Look at the similarities, like
work-ER, teach-ER, driv-ER
- physic-AL, ment-AL
- close-LY, simp-LY, quiet-LY.

Learn to recognize a verb and plural form of nouns.

write your thoughts and ideas and suggestions on the margins.

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