Sunday, May 5, 2013

Sa l-aħħar by Fabrizio Fanello

Fid-dlam moħbija
Fis-skur tal lejl
Ħsiebi biss fik u f'dik il wegħeda f'għajnejk

Moħħi jistqejqer kull x'ħin narak
Int xmara ferħ mogħdija ward u zahar
Kien hemm is-sejħa dik li l-qalb tant tixtieq
Fjamma li turi t-triq

Sa l-aħħar nifs flimkien
Qalbi, sa l-aħħar tarf taz-zmien
Bdejna bħall ħbieb
Sibna l-hena u't-tgawdija
Ġenna għalina t-tnejn

Sa l-ahhar ward tal-ġnien
Nisma' l-eku fil-bogħod sat-tmiem
Lilek ħabbejt
Għall-bieraħ u għall-dejjem
Lilek u bħalek xejn

Inti kullana ta tifkiriet
Kull x'ħin titbissem ninsa kull inkwiet
It-toroq tgħana miksija fjur
Agħtini jdejk u ħalli d-dinja ddur
Il-kwiekeb żgħar li jatuk l-isbaħ ġejjien
Ingawduh int u jien

My bad translation.

(If there are any Maltese speakers around, who know what I have misunderstood, and translated wrong, I would very much appreciate, if you could correct me. :-)
And also tell me what is the basic for or verb root of the words I didn't get)

To the end

Hidden of the darkness of night,
I think about you and the promise in you eyes.
my mind [jistqejqer] every time I see you
You are a river of joy of roses and flowers
There was a call that the heart so much liked.
flame to enlighten the road. 

To the last breath, together,
my heart, to the end of the times.
We started as friends,
found happiness and joy,
heaven for us both.

To the end of rose garden,
I hear the distant echo of the end of the times,
You will be there,
for now and always,
there is no-one like you

You are decorated by memories,
every time you smile, I forget all my troubles,
streets are covered with flowers.
Give me your hand and let the world turn,
We enjoy the starry future,
you and me


jiskantani - surprises
jisfar - he grows pale (saffar)
jistkerrah - he detests (kerrah)

maltese verb roots

q-j-d    qajjed - put on shackles  qajd - shackles
q-j-l    qajjel - pen in, shelter a herd
q-j-m    qiem - venerate, respect    (qejjem, tqejjem)
q-j-r    qajjar - dry    tqajjar - get dry
q-j-s    qies, qejjes, tqejjes, nqies, ntqies / qas, qajjes, tqajjes, nqas, tqies
q-j-t    qiet

There is an Arabic word قجق
but I don't have the slightest idea what it means. (qajaq)

In Hebrew קיק means castor-oil seed. Or raven. What ever...

Right now I'm cordially going to ignore what seeing her does to his mind. I suppose it's something good.


So... I reread Kato Lamb's book on learning languages, and thought about the Italian cardinal Mezzofanti. He learned his... 50-100 languages through the Lord's Prayer. Now, I don't know about you, but in Finland, every confirmand has learned this by heart. I still remember it, some 30 years later, and I am not Christian. The thing with the Lord's Prayer and the Bible is that these have been translated to most languages of the world... and the text is very closely translated, to convey the same message. Even when the language is often old-fashioned, it gives you understanding of the structures of the language. You really just need to update your language by learning some new words and expressions, you will have the language, if you use the Bible.


"I hate grammar"

I love parsing. I understand so much more after I have marked the different word groups and relations and what is main sentence and what is not... My husband looked at my notes; paper full of marker lines, circles and arrows and underlinings, and said "well... if it works for you, good. I don't get anything."

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