Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Week 2 of 6 weeks challenge has began

Yes! Done! Phew...
That is, the translation of chapter 2 of Sqaq l-Infern.
For some reason it was really, really hard to plow through the text. (Might be because it is one of the longer chapters in the book...)

Poor Jason... and what a lovely mother he has :´)
Here's a Maltese recipe of chocolate biscuits... sort of. In English :-D

Krustini taċ-ċikkulata

I also wrote the new vocabulary from chapter 2 on flashcards. 400 NEW GLOSSES! 8-o
I divided it into 50 gloss piles, and took one of them with me to my walk.

I have added chapter 3 to Learning with Texts. It's a short one. Thank God :-) And a lot of words I already know. I think there was only (:-D) some 200 new words in that chapter.

I really need to clean up my glosses. When I started, I didn't know anything about Maltese verbs, and the text looked pretty much incomprehensible. Now I'm starting to see the building blocks, and I know I have a lot of repetition... the same verb conjugated in different "tempus", persons etc.  That isn't helping me. On the contrary. I am not to learn the conjugated forms, but the basic verb, so that I can learn how to conjugate it and be able to use the verbs in basic forms to express myself - and also to understand the verbs that are not in basic forms.

With verbs it's a bit disturbing that the language consists of Phoenician, Sardinian and Norman layers with the "modern" loans, mostly from English or Italian... but there is also quite a lot from France and Spain too!

Also, there is the... hmm... "lazy" usage of the language, creating me problems. I can't be certain of that a specific spelling is the correct one... or which letter should be used. "Il-warda tal-ġnien tiegħi hi dak il-wiċċ sabiħ" could also be written "Il-warda tal-gnien tieghi hi dak il-wicc sabih". Usually it is not a problem, but there are some cases where it is a problem... especially when it comes to ħ and h...

I found a lovely, old dictionary, that has letters I don't have the slightest idea how to pronounce or with what they have been replaced in modern Maltese!

Also, there are some scanned dictionaries on-line, where the person who did the enormous job of scanning the book, didn't bother proofreading the scan... so it's impossible to figure out some of the words.

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