Sunday, May 13, 2018

Procrastinating :-)

I have now been procrastinating studying Spanish for two hours - and continue doing it by writing about it. :-D
I'm really clever... I procrastinate by READING about STUDYING LANGUAGES, so I'm kind of still doing what I'm supposed to be doing, aren't I :-D

This was very interesting:
Started watching the Arnold video, which is unnecessary, because the guy explains it in the article, but, hey, it was interesting, and... er... *blush*

Then I read this one:

And also wound up thinking about the usefulness of word frequency lists.

Yes, I think they are useful, because they give you the frame to read extensively, and reduce the amount of words one needs to figure out, and considering that a lot of words in most languages are loans which sound similar enough, it won't be too hard.

Also, the point with frequency lists is that it's the BEGINNING, it's a STEP, it's not an end goal. You learn the 1000 most common words to be able to quickly start reading extensively, and WHEN YOU READ EXTENSIVELY, YOU ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO KNOW AND UNDERSTAND EVERY WORD YOU READ. You ARE just supposed to get an idea of what is going on. Get used to reading the language. Get used to the shape of the language. Get used to the correct grammar.

I mean... I have been watching El ministerio del tiempo, and I really don't know much Spanish. But I understand enough of what is going on to be interested and want to see more. I have a general understanding of what the show is about and who the characters are.
I am reading Le secret de Ji in French and I understand what is going on. I'm 100% sure that when reading the books in English, I get even more and perhaps find out things that are going to surprise me, but I don't think there will be many surprises.
I was watching this Turkish series, and now I found the first episode texted in English, and I had understood most of it in just Turkish. Enough to feel confident to watch the rest of it in Turkish without subtitles.

So - now I have managed to procrastinate for 3 hours :-D
Another good way of procrastinating is having a Sunday breakfast with your beloved spouse :-D

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