Saturday, May 5, 2018

Thoughts about the 6 weeks' challenge

I have a plan on how to use the six weeks the most effective way. There is though a small problem there. How to learn to read a language is VERY DIFFERENT from how to learn to speak a language. And I want both... :-(

Here's something about how to learn to speak a language

One important difference is that if you want to learn to read fiction, you will get very sufficient with past tense in third person singular. When you speak, you use mostly first person singular in present tense.
The vocabulary is very different from every day speech to literacy. When you speak you use very simple language, ignore grammar, don't give a crap about such things like artistic expression and style, the word frequency lists are your friend and you can manage with phrase  book samples and replacing words in sentences. When you read, you are trying to understand the language of someone who is very adequate in using it, who cares a lot about grammar (or whose editor does), the style, impression and expression are important, the words are much more variable and difficult, and you don't get to ask for clarification, explain anything, or even speak.
So... when people are learning a language, they should actually be getting into hacking the language.
And, I... I just want to read and receive information. And there... there really are no shortcuts. I wish there was some sort of upload pack. :-( I don't do much with phrases and frequency lists...
But... 90% of free language courses are created for people who want to learn to speak the language... that is, not for me.

But, but... my 6 weeks challenge plan is based on all this, and it will make me able to use the language in all possible ways. It just causes some problems, because I have to change my attitude. I have attitude problems :-D

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