Thursday, January 29, 2015

Challenge 52 in 52: Turkish

This is another go on Turkish. I already "did" it during the 2014 challenge.

7 Tricks To Learn Any Language In 7 Days (From The Superpolyglot Twins Who Did It)

What I learned from this (in addition to the 7 tricks, some might be repeated ;-)):

- have a friend who is a native language speaker to practice with and to ask questions from. It is possible to find friends like this online and Skype with them

- gather all the materials you can: the twins said they had 25 books; it looks like they borrowed all the books from library about learning Turkish
- they also used the internet, different mobile apps and radio. There's tons of materials, magazines, newspapers, cooking shows, blogs, Wikipedia in several languages...

- they studied at least 12 hours every day

- they started speaking from the first day, replacing simple words and sentences with Turkish, like "good morning", getting more and more complicated, trying to express oneself in Turkish, having imaginary discussions, writing diary etc. They thought of possible things to say and found out how it is said in Turkish.

- they used the native language speakers living in their home town, like restaurants and market, to practice with.

- they gave themselves challenges and prepared for them, like before going to market to purchase things, they studied the numbers and fruits and vegetables

Their method reminds me of my own, Barry Farber's and AJATT

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