Sunday, November 6, 2011

Hungarian? Not much...

I fell for the 6 weeks' challenge... I have always been easily excited about things like that. I want to end up among the 10 first, and right now I'm well up there. 

So what's happening with my 52 in 52 languages? Not much... because I got excited about the 6 weeks challenge. So I have been studying French instead of Hungarian. Now, Hungarian doesn't deserve to be treated that way, so I suppose I'll push a 6 weeks' opening in my 52/52 plan. I don't want to do that, because... well... I had a plan. But if I am ever going to manage a good week in 52/52 I need to give it at least 50%, and I can't if I give French 90%.

So - no more 52/52 before December. We'll get back on track on December 13th, the Lucia day here in Sweden.

So - 6 weeks' challenge and French.

I am listening to France Bleu. There was this song I liked a lot. I tried to find it, because I wasn't sure I would be able to catch the name when the commentator says it. I catch words, type them in computer, search - nothing. Nothing, nothing, nothing... but then, I get something that sounds like it might be it. I go and check the lyrics, rush to the end of the lyrics, and, sure, that's it! And at that moment the song ends and the commnetator says "c'était Christophe Maé et Un Peu De Blues..."

YAY! I managed to hear enough words to be able to find the song and verify it!

Anyway, back to studying. I found "What makes reading fun" by Judith.

I took myself by the ear and started studying French verbs for real this time. *sigh*
I suppose I have no other choice but learn "the lists" and then learn phrases with the verbs in them. *sigh**sigh*
I really don't want to... you see I had this dream where I was studying all these word lists, and the word for hunter was among the words, and I also knew the verb for 'hunt' and how it was conjugated, had this table with all the forms in front of me... so somewhere in me I KNOW...
(It's chasseur, and I know it because it's the "official" fashion name of the Robin Hood hat, and to hunt is chasser and it conjugates like any -er verb, so that's easy. But I couldn't remember it when I woke up. I remember just wondering about how the heck do I know what the hunter is in French, and that I must have some sort of photographic memory, and I wish I could develop it so that I could actually use it...)

P.S. Funny thing, they were playing "My heart will go on" at France Bleu, and the commentator said "my 'ert will go ong".
Here in Sweden they cannot say 'air' but in the French way, you know with ä like a in cat - con äär, fäär play...
In Finland we say everything as it's written, as if it was Finnish. :-D My aunt corrected me when I said "maisons et jardins" [my-so-ns et yard-eens] :-D Well, that's how it is pronounced in Finnish. I KNOW how it's pronounced in French, but we were speaking Finnish. Besides I like the sound of words as they are written, especially when they are not Finnish.

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