Saturday, November 19, 2011

Subject pronouns in textbooks: written vs spoken French

In Finland we use the passive (which I have learned "on" is in French) in spoken language more often as "we" than the grammatically correct "we".

I have always thought of "on" as the Swedish "man" - "one" (a man, a person)...

but it seems the French do use it more like the Finnish passive...

But to change the language teaching to reflect the changes in spoken language... no. It might be important to mention, so that it doesn't come as a shock, but I believe it is not good to try to put ALL the information in the head at once, from the very beginning,

I believe it would be confusing to try to understand this in stead of the "obsolete" je, tu, il, on, nous, vous, ils -list. Especially because I assume the different forms of these pronouns (je-me-mon-moi-mienne) still follow the written, classical, or what you wish to call it, form. It might be easier to learn them using "nous" as "we" and not "on".

I'm sure people will very quickly adjust their spoken language to what is being spoken around them, and will understand the different uses of person pronouns as they are being used.

French passive voice

Uh. My weekend, and I'm wasting it looking at stupid videos on YouTube.

I don't know about this girl... I would like to know what has happened to her... and I hope she would have said in her profile that this is her make-believe personality or something like that. It could have been great. I think I'd liked her if she had just been a little bit nicer. But I have been wasting hours I could have used studying languages... I can't even put this as Japanese studies, because she speaks so badly :-D

Well, well... what ever :-D

I haven't studied much Syriac, but I have studied Maltese and Ivrit. :-D I don't think I want to learn Syriac... Perhaps Arabic one day.

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