Tuesday, November 1, 2011

I think I have taken too much on me again...

It's November. November is the NaNo month. I can do my 750 words with NaNo, no problems.

It's the 6 week challenge, that also began today. I have whole 10 minutes of studying language behind me today. Language: Hungarian. I am supposed to improve my French.

Je pense que j'ai besoin de regarder Le Roi Dance.


p - like p in English word pack [pʰæk]
p̪ - like π in Greek word σάπφειρος [ˈsap̪firo̞s̠] (saphiros - sapphire)
p is good enough.
b - like b in English word aback [əˈbæk]
ɓ - like b in Jamaican word beat [ɓiːt]

β - doesn't exist in English... it's sort of very weak b/v sound
ʙ - like br in bring, 
when you try to make it sound French or Scottish and roll the r :-D     
ɸ - doesn't exist in English... 
I was wondering if you could say "like pf in upfront", but that has too much p and f in it :-D 
ɸ is very weak f-ish sound with a hint of p...
f - like f in English word fill [fɪl]
v - like v in English word valve [væɫv]
ʋ - like v in Finnish word vauva [ˈʋɑuʋːɑ]    
(it's slightly w-ish, but ordinary v is good enough.)   

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