Thursday, April 26, 2018


So... I have been adventuring in the Duolingoland, and found out that it's VERY hard to switch from one language to another without any space between. I kept thinking in German on my French review, and it went pretty badly :-D

Now, people will tell you it's not smart to study several new languages daily, or even at the same time. I don't find that a problem - if you keep small pauses between languages - but if you are serious, don't do what I do, do what Luca does.

So, today's task with Chinese was numbers 0-10, 100 and yuan.

零 líng (0) = 雨 yǔ (rain) + 人 rén (man) + 卩 jié (seal)
一 yī (1) *
二 èr (2) *
三 sān (3) = 一 yī (1) + 二 èr (2)
四 sì (4) = 囗 wéi (enclosure) + 八 bā (8) (though it looks like 儿 ér (legs)
五 wǔ (5) = 二 èr (2) + ?
六 liù (6) = 八 bā + ?
七 qī (7) = 一 yī (1) + ?
八 bā (8) *
九 jiǔ (9) = 乙 yǐ (the second, the other one, B) + ?
十 shí (10) *
百 bǎi (100) = 一 yī (1) + 白 bái (white)
元 yuán (monetary unit) = 二 èr (2) + 儿 ér (legs or son)

Here's some fascinating data about the Chinese numbers

Now, I really need to do two things tomorrow:
The Hebrew alphabet chart or poster
write in the rest of the Swadesh for Karelian at Memrise and publish it.

Also, I need to find some short stories in French, German, Spanish and Italian and read them.

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