Saturday, April 28, 2018

Two days and counting...

6 Weeks' Challenge is starting again on May 1st.
I am really tempted, but... considering that I participated in it a couple of times, and got among three best, and it was for French BOTH TIMES, and I STILL am not good with French... er... I'm not good at 6 weeks' challenge. :-D
I really need to keep reading French literature. *sigh*
It shouldn't be a "sigh". :-D

Today I compilet (yet again) my 50 when 50 list of languages, and decided to give each 15 minutes a day for the next year. It will take 12 hours a day, and I won't be doing it, but as I said, I have nothing else to do. I'm free as a bird all days long.
(Yes, I have a lot of free time, but it's not all fun and games and lazying about. I have a very painful and decapacitating illness, which is why I live on disability pension. But I am free.)

I kind of... well... I'm not quite sure about some half of the languages on the list.

I mean, some of the languages I am not passionate about. I am not especially hot on learning Asian languages, except Chinese, Japanese and Korean... I mean... I have Hindi and Sanskrit on my list, but I don't really want to learn them. Not even to understand Bollywood movies without subtitles.

Then there are the rare languages no-one seems to want to learn... where it is extremely difficult to find any material - or at least any EASY material online. Like... I like Albanian a lot, but try to actually learn the language? Ha! No-one will answer your questions, no-one will correct your texts, you won't find vocabulary, translations, much help at all. I think I should take the Bible approach and learn that, and then see what I can do...  And Syryoyo is about the same. I mean, the only text I have been able to find was all about God and sheep and archaic farming society with very old-fashioned rules. I don't think those two old guys in the bus where the one sang a song to the other and then they laughed, were talking about lambing problems.

And then there are the endangered languages. Not really possible to learn through internet.

And then there are the constructed languages... *sigh* Talk about a guilty pleasure! I would really love the fantasy writers to take an existing language and use that as the language of their imaginary world, it's already created and time tested and historically correct, someone has already created a whole language, and when it dies, it will take with it a whole world view, a whole world! So why not rescue them? Most endangered languages are spoken by so few and probably also isolated, so it won't be like people will get mad with you for misusing their language.
Any way... I would really like to learn Klingon and Sindarin... :-( But it feels like I should use the effort and resources to learn an endangered language. (Which leads us to the material problem with endangered languages)

And then there's the "being in love" effect. It wears off. I know too much of certain languages for them to be interesting enough for me to actually study more of them... I find it really hard to sit down with Spanish, Italian, French, German and Scandinavian languages. *sigh*

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