Friday, April 27, 2018

"You had one job..."

Or two. :-D
Started working with the Hebrew alphabets. Decided to make flashcards in stead of a poster. Can't find my "card condoms" (Trading card sleeves). Have to buy some.

Can't be bothered with the Karelian. It's easy and quick and I really should do it, but... uh.
I should also continue with my Finnish lesson and add all the necessary pronunciation. I like courses with pronunciation.

There was a language challenge "10.000 flashcards"at Language Learners' forum. One is to add 10.000 flashcards to one's pile and go through them in SRS at least once. (Or twice, perhaps - one initial round and then one repetition round.)
I don't think I have 10.000 flashcards. Speaks to my megalomaniac soul...

I found Nice. There's my 50 languages easily packaged! Yay.
No, doesn't work like that. I am not that into Slavic languages. I found 28 I might be interested in. That's a great start :-D
There's 100 lessons in Chinese with audio, I assume it's the same for all languages.

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