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I stumbled over this: Liet International - Eurovision song contest for minority languages. Sámi has quite a good record there. Since the beginning in 2006, Sámi has won twice

SomBy: Ii Iđit vel

Unfortunately I haven't been able to find the lyrics in Sámi, but here's the translation. Practice, practice, practice, and you'll be able to understand. This is Finnish Sámi band, so the pronunciation is a little bit "harder", which in my ears is easier to understand. Don't know about you, though :-)

Somby is a usual Sámi surname and the name of a village - but it sounds like zombie...

No morning yet

Don't drag me up, hurts to open eyes
I can't watch, there is so beautiful out there
walls inside fall down on me, the air is too thick
birds also are flying around too happy
snow melts too fast, there is no blanket to hide under
naked earth gives up, gets smaller


No morning yet, no shining on me now
not confessions, not too ruthless
Not tomorrow yet, I can't handle that yet
They bring yesterday and leave there

I know that clock is ticking
I know that everything goes around except me, I don't even move
I want to jump somewhere now, I don't want to remember anyone now
I don't want to find myself here, I want to go away
I can't now hate you, I can't yet
I didn't have time to flee, I couldn't leave
you chose me to captivity


welcome - Bures boahtin

merry Christmas - Buorrit Juovllat

I love you - mon ráhkistan du!

black - čáhppes
white - vielgat
red - ruoksat
yellow - fiskat
blue - alit
green - ruoná
brown - ruškat
gray -     ránis

mánnodat - monday
disdat - tuesday
gaskavahkku - wednesday
duorastat - thursday
bearjadat - friday
lávvordat - saturday
sotnabeaivi - sunday

I stumbled over Sámi flashcards at byki - they are supposed to be the vocabulary from Gulahalan

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