Wednesday, October 26, 2011



Nástegokčasa vuolde
mon ráhkadan luottaid
Guovssahasa sánit
libardit dáivahis

Jaskatvuođa háddus
mu vuoigŋamat davistit
Juoga savkala munnje
ahte leat boahtime

Doala mu gieđa
Njávkka mu niera
Savkal čáppa sániid
Jeđđe litnásit
Leage nu liekkas
vai mon in galbmo
Juoiggas vel munnje...

English Translation:


Under a blanket of stars
I'm leaving traces
as signs from the northern lights
flicker in the sky

In the care of silence
my breaths resonate
Something whispers
that you are on your way

Hold my hand
Stroke my cheek
Whisper beautiful words
Soothe me softly
Be warm
so I'm not cold
Give me a yoik...

I don't know how correct the translation is, but I love this song and her way of singing it :-)


I should really get going with the resources on the net. I have been hunting a dream of mine; to write a concise pharebook and dictionary about all the European languages, considering that there are less than 200 of them. I once had a phrase book over South-East Asian languages... it was my first contact with all of them. I didn't even know there were all those languages... So I set on writing a book like that, but about European languages. I suppose I should have done it then, when I thought there were about 50 languages in Europe :-D On the other hand, if I wait a couple of years, some 50 more languages will have died.
Anyway, in stead of studying Sámi, I have been studying European languages.


ʌ - like in English word plus [plʌs]

æ - like a in English word cat [kʰæt]

ɐ - like u in English word nut [nɐt]

a - like a in English word stack [stak]

ä - like a in French word patte [pät]

ɑ - like a in English word spa [spɑ̟ː]

ɒ - like o in English word hot [hɒt]

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