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Digital dialects: Estonian

Some internet games to help learn Estonian. Mostly for kids, but - could be fun for adults too.
- learn Estonian words
- transparent language has a nice Estonian quizz

Estonian radio 
(Here's Susanna Zaraysky about the benefits of hearing the language you're studying, even when you're not actively listening.)

They say "For a full list of phrases and their phonetics, please visit: www.mylanguages.org/phrases.php", but that's not right. Nice list, but not this list. The list read on this video is as follows:

Hi! - Tere!
How are you? (polite) - Kuidas läheb?
I'm fine, and you? - Hästi. Ja sul?
I'm fine. Thanks.  Hästi, aitäh küsimast!
Good morning! - Tere hommikust!
Good evening! - Tere õhtust!
What's your name? - mis su nimi on?
My name is adrian - mu nimi on adrian
nice to meet you - meeldiv kohtuta
Do you speak English? - Kas sa räägid inglise keelt?
Just a little - Natukene
I'm from America - Ma olen Amerikast pärit
Can I practice with you? - Kas ma võin sinuga harjutada?
can you repeat please? Kas sa võiksid korrata?
I don't understand. - Ma ei saa aru.
I love you. - Ma armastan sind.
How much is this? - Kui palju see maksab?
What is this - Mis se on
Can I help you? Kas ma saan sind aidata?
can you help me? Kas sa saad mind aidata?
i feel sick - Ma tunnen end halvasti
I need a doctor. - Ma vajan arsti.
excuse me - vabandage
Excuse me, sorry - Vabandust.
thank you - aitäh
good bye - Nägemist

One - Üks
Two - Kaks
Three - Kolm
Four - Neli
Five - Viis
Six - Kuus
Seven - Seitse
Eight - Kaheksa
Nine - Üheksa
Ten - Kümme

yes - jah
no - ei
Good - Hea
Bad - Halb
Here - Siin
There - Seal
cheap odav
expensive kallis

black - must
white - valge
blue - sinine
green - roheline
red - punane

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